Parts for all makes & models

We carry a multitude of brand name and generic hot tub parts. With our relationships across the hot tub industry we’re able to order in parts for you from any manufacturer. We know which parts provide the best value for your dollar. Whether it’s a jet upgrade, a new UV light or a replacement pump we’ve got the parts for your hot tub.

Hot Tub Servicing

We’re happy to service any hot tub, whether it came from our warehouse or not. Our service reps are experienced professionals who will show you what’s going on with your hot tub.

Delivery to your location

When you want to set up a hot tub in your home we’re happy to help you get set up. Our crew is experienced and we have access to a crane truck. Tell us about your location and we’ll create a plan for getting your hot tub in the perfect spot. You can give us a helping hand or sit back with a margarita and supervise.

Wholesale filters


Tired of paying for brand name hot tub filters? We’ve got generic filters that will fit any hot tub. Save your money!

Natural hot tub chemicals


We carry a full lineup of Dazzle Water Care products. These products not only work to make water dazzling, but that also create healthier water for your hot tub. Many of these formulas come from nature itself.

Dazzle has found ways to make your pool and hot tub water look better, feel and smell better by taking junk out of the water, instead of putting more and more chems in. It’s a healthier, more natural and innovative approach to hot tub care. It’s better for you and it’s better for the environment as well. For more information please visit

Custom covers and cover lifts


We’re happy to order in replacement covers for your hot tub. Since hot tubs come in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes we order directly from the factory when you decide it’s time to replace your currant one. We know the quality of the manufacturers as well, so you won’t be left with an expensive hot tub cover that doesn’t keep the heat in. If one of the reasons you use a hot tub is for hydrotherapy due to an injury we suggest getting a cover lifter, so as not to put extra strain on your back or shoulders.